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Chanctonbury Churches
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To work with the Rector & Leadership Team in Chanctonbury Churches to help fulflll the long term vision of God’s Kingdom coming here, something we have dreamed and termed ‘2033’ - by taking responsibility and leadership for the worship ministry...

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To work with the Rector & Leadership Team in Chanctonbury Churches to help ful ll the long term vision of God’s Kingdom coming here, something we have dreamed and termed ‘2033’ - by taking responsibility and leadership for the worship ministry...

For ‘2033’, please see: chanctonbury.org.uk/vision

This post is an initial 3 years


  • To work with the Rector, Leadership Team, and whole Body of Christ to continue to build and nurture an environment throughout the churches, communities and land where Jesus’ name is constantly glori ed and the Kingdom of Heaven is being brought down to earth.

  • To lead, nurture and grow the worship ministry of Chanctonbury Churches.

  • To inspire, train and develop worship leaders and musicians to release Spirit- led, Truth-based, congregational worship, where glorifying God and welcoming His presence remains at the heart of who we are and all we do.

  • To lead the pioneering of worship ministry into new areas: including new congregations, services and events, growing a culture of songwriting and creativity, and building with us towards a vision for unceasing worship and prayer in our land.

Chanctonbury Churches is made up of two Ashington congregations, Washington and Buncton congregations, and involves the unfolding future of Wiston church.


Corporate worship:

  • To lead and oversee the delivery of high quality, Spirit led, Truth based and context shaped worship throughout all services in Chanctonbury Churches. This involves overseeing and delivering the necessary administration of termly worship rotas, updating planning centre and communicating weekly with the worship, sound and projection team.
  • To oversee the delivery of corporate worship in gatherings, events, conferences, worship and prayer gatherings.
  • To be responsible for the delivery of appropriate and high quality music and worship at key seasonal festivals.

Pastoral, training and equipping:

  • You will be pastorally responsible for building a community of worship leaders and musicians whose hearts are surrendered to God, con dent and able to host the presence of God, and who love encourage one another.
  • You will oversee, train and disciple worship leaders and musicians, oversee and encourage sound technicians and projection teams, enabling them to grow spiritually, musically and technically. This involves developing and growing how we do worship rehearsals, creating training spaces, and discipling and teaching values in worship, being a worshipper, and how this ministry serves within the whole Body of Christ and Kingdom vision.
  • To identify potential, enable the ourishing of gifts, and raise up worship leaders and musicians amongst our wider church communities, including young people.

Pioneering and visionary:

  • To work with the Leadership Team in the development of new services, congregations and church plants by speci cally overseeing and releasing the worship ministry.
  • To pioneer a culture of song-writing and creativity seeking to release worship leaders and musicians of Chanctonbury Churches to hear the soundtrack of heaven in this place and to craft the musical and lyrical expression in response.
  • To develop regular space to generate resources through writing and recording songs that inspire worship personally, corporately and for daily life.
  • To work with the leadership team towards a time where worship and prayer will be unceasing in our land.
Highly Desired:


We see this as a key ministry role, working with the Rector and Leadership Team

A member of our team will be someone who is:

  • Secure in the love of Father God
  • Walking as Jesus did - proclaiming the gospel with signs and wonders following
  • Filled with the Holy Spirit and able to empower and spiritually equip those around you
  • Grounded in a passion for the bible

To fulfill the role of Worship Pastor, we are looking for someone who is:

  • A passionate worshipper first and foremost, personally and corporately, in song and in lifestyle
  • Fully surrendered to lifting the name of Jesus higher than any other name
  • A leader who can inspire and train others with a desire and ability to pastor and bring out God’s best in everyone around you
  • A team player who sees worship as a ministry of the whole church and an expression of the Kingdom of God
  • An experienced team builder who can nurture and inspire a family of worshippers as a worship community, managing a diverse range of creative people
  • A skilled musician who can understand how to deliver high quality, spirit lled, truth based, and context shaped worship
  • A passionate and skilful worship leader, who is focussed on encouraging and releasing others, enabling them to go further and higher than you can!
  • Loving, joyful, teachable, open hearted - someone who is exible, fun (!) and who enjoys intimacy in friendships
  • A ‘self starter’ who takes responsibility and thrives on challenges
  • A good communicator and organised administrator
  • Able to play your part as a member of the Chanctonbury Churches staff team, on occasion covering for others as need arises

In joining our team we commit to:

Loving you, encouraging you, challenging and growing you, nurturing God’s best to shine within you - and championing who you are!


Please contact the Church Office: Tel: (44) 1903 893648
Email: jobs@chanctonburychurches.org.uk

Eastgate, London Road, Ashington, West Sussex, RH20 3DD

01903 893648 • office@chanctonburychurches.org.uk

The Parishes of Ashington, Washington and Wiston with Buncton

Reports To:
The Rector (Senior Pastor)