Dean of Men (House Parent)

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Canyonville Academy
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Job Description:

Canyonville Academy is a college preparatory boarding high school. We house students from around the world and offer a unique opportunity to minister to the world without leaving the US.

Work 10 months of the year, enjoy 2 months off.

The Dean lives in an apartment connected to the dormitory and serves as houseparent to the resident students (grades 9 - 12). Deans mentor and significantly impact the lives of our students including non-academic lives including day-to-day concerns as well as their spiritual growth. Because deans work so closely with students, deans are important role models, teaching students life lessons and core values.

As a dean, you nuture students while helping to build character and provide academic support. From assisting with homework to overseeing chores, to enjoying playing games such as electronic gaming to billiards to hanging out and watching movies. Deans play a large role in student life here at CCA.

During school hours, deans are off duty and free to enjoy Southern Oregon's beauty.

To get a sense of the ministry available, please visit our website.

If interested in this opportunity please send your resume to our Dean of Students:

Start Date: August 20th 2018

Job Requirements:

You will be working closely with your co-dean on a four day on 2 day off work rotation. The two days you are off the other Dean will be on duty. You will both share two day's in which you work side by side.

We require a

·background check

·good driving record

·experience with teens is preferable

·strong Christian

Total compensation package includes:

·monthly income (choice of 10 or 12 months of the year)

·a rent-free apartment

·meals (meals provided while school is in session)


·free wifi

·a family atmosphere

·an opportunity to work in a missionfield environment with students from all over the world

Highly Desired:
  • Christian
  • Youth oriented ministry, counseling, or inter-cultural degrees.
  • Nurturing
  • Mentor
  • Role-model
  • Honest
  • Missionary Minded
  • Helpful
Reports To:
Dean of Students @