Children's Pastor

Chickamauga, Georgia Family Religion Created Aug 07, 2018 11:35 am
Covenant Life Worship Center
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Job Description:

The role of the Children's Pastor (CP) is to oversee the life and direction of Covenant Life Worship Center's children under the direction and leadership of the Lead Pastor. This will require a firm grasp of the beliefs, values, and strategy of CLWC and the ability to align staff and key leadership teams with its mission, values, and vision. The CP will offer pastoral leadership to the children while ensuring that the systems, practices, and policies of the church responsibly and effectively support its ministry activities.

Job Requirements:

Success in this role will be best accomplished by prioritizing investment in ministry leaders who, in turn, influence the children. Responsible for creating an environment that recruits, develops, and empowers children's ministry leaders:

  • Communicating a clear vision and wins for staff and volunteer teams on a regular basis
  • Building systems and structures that lead people from being spectators to becoming volunteers
  • Overseeing operations for background checks, safety, and security procedures, scheduling, training, and care of volunteers
  • Leading staff and volunteer meetings
  • Championing the children's ministry leadership development strategy
  • Overseeing and actuating children based outreach as agreed upon by Lead Pastor
  • Providing centralized efforts for training leaders (retreats, tools, etc.)
  • Giving staff and volunteer teams current children's ministry "Best Practices.”
  • Ensuring that the children's ministry team answers questions and can provide remarkable customer service to parents and children on a consistent basis
  • Giving regular evaluations and feedback to team members
  • Creating and continuously improving follow-up methods to ensure that new children and their families are plugged into CLWC
  • Managing budget forecasts and expenses for team leaders.
  • Responsible for creating programs that provide engaging experiences and life-changing environments for children:
  • Selecting relevant curriculum, props, and games for weekend experiences
  • Ensuring that check-in area, ministry spaces, and signage are clear, current, and focused on new children and their families
    • Producing videos, weekly scripts, and lessons, printed promotions, verbal announcements, web page information, marketing, etc. about the children’s ministry at CLWC
    • Creating and maintaining a safe environment for children, including special needs children, at CLWC
    • Implementing strategies to equip parents to help their children by taking their next steps toward the Father
    • Execute children focused outreach efforts at CLWC
  • Reports To:
    Administrative Pastor