Music Director

San Antonio, Texas Religion Created Feb 26, 2019 12:44 pm
Summit Christian Center
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Hours Per Week:
Job Description:

This position is the oversight of the Worship and Music ministry for Summit Christian Center. The primary focus of this position is to build a worship culture by the daily management of planning and preparing for worship services, events; as well as pastoring and equipping multiple teams of musicians and vocalists across all age-groups.

Job Requirements:
  1. Must have a strong personal faith in Jesus Christ
  2. Understand and align with our church vision and purpose statement
  3. Become a member of Summit Christian Center
  4. Experience in a leadership role; requiring strong verbal/written communication with outstanding interpersonal skills
  5. Highly motivated and takes initiative
  6. Experience in leading and developing community and excellence among worship groups
  7. Competency in musical skill and knowledge (vocally and instrumentally)
  8. Experience in planning and leading worship services and events
  9. Proficient in operating DAW music programs
  10. Ability to compose and produce original music
  11. When required, assist in digital communications with social media
  12. Understanding of Planning Center for scheduling and upkeep of music catalog
  13. Organizational and self-motivated to deliver results on a deadline
  14. Continued development of gifts and skills with a lifelong learner mindset
Highly Desired:
  1. Bachelor's Degree
  2. Time management ability
  3. Project Management
  4. Ability to prioritize tasks/projects
  5. Self-Directed
  6. Professional demeanor
Reports To:
Director of Creative