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Lana Vawser Ministries
Job Type:
Hours Per Week:
Job Description:

We are looking for someone to come and join us for 10 hours a week to help with the email and social media communications and possibly later some basic admin assistant duties.

Our greatest need is someone to help with emails, which will be the main focus of the role. We would need someone compassionate, with some understanding of prophetic ministry and boundaries in pastoral care.

If time permits, you may also be responding to comments on social media on our public platforms.

While we don't offer personal prophecy or prayer ministry, we do give some basic prayer support for those who ask for it.

As this is a web-based role, so you can choose your own hours, but you would be required to keep a basic log of hours and activities.

You will need a reliable computer, cell and internet connection, and be available to call within an hour or so notice (within reasonable hours of the day).

We will work with the successful applicant to develop a framework for responses, but do not want the hired worker to feel they are in a cut-and-paste role. We will plan a scheduled meeting every week to process any thoughts or questions.

This role may be expanded into some data entry or other PA tasks in the future.

If you are interested in applying, please consider adding some reference contacts - a church leader that can vouch for you and a work reference.

Job Requirements:

Answering emails and social media comments in a professional way.

Own a reliable computer with reliable internet.

Ability to use Outlook, Excell and Word (or Apple equivalent).

Available on Cell (within reasonable hours).

Available for a weekly meeting at an amicable set time between timezones.

Good communication skills, fluent in English.

SSN (or ITIN with a work visa) or Australian TFN.

Highly Desired:

A grounded, dependable, trustworthy kingdom-minded personality with an adequate understanding of the Bible.

Pastoral care experience would be beneficial, but good people skills are a must.

A gracious and professional demeanour when faced with harsh emails (not that we see many, but they do happen).

Some ministry experience would be beneficial but not essential.

Reports To:
Kevin Vawser, Lana Vawser