Senior Leader/Pastor

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Rivers of Life Church
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Job Description:

The Senior Pastor shall serve as the chief shepherd and overseer of this church, teaching, leading, and nurturing the congregation, Elders, Deacons, and volunteer staff.

The Senior Pastor will:

  • The Senior Pastor will provide counsel, weddings, funerals, baptisms, and communion; and fulfill his responsibility as the lead teaching pastor to bring all generations and nationalities in the congregation into loving and life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Guide the church toward mission fulfillment.
  • Provide oversight, encouragement, and direction to associate pastors, ministers, and volunteer staff, enabling effective communication and collaboration at all levels.
  • Maintain accountability to the Board of Elders through verbal and written reports, personal consultations, as well as pastoral and general staff meetings.
  • Provide leadership and vision for the church. Direct plans for ministry and church growth, develop and fine-tune the church structure.
  • Motivate, equip and nurture the people of the church through example, preaching, and teaching God’s Word and spiritual counseling.
  • Spend significant time in prayer and Bible study.
  • Contact/visit hospitalized or grieving church members, as appropriate.
  • Officiate at weddings and funerals.
  • Provide premarital counseling, counseling regarding salvation and spiritual issues, and other counseling for church members as time permits.
  • Oversee church discipline and manage conflict in the church. Seek to reconcile relationships and promote unity within the church and the community.
  • Participate in evangelism efforts through preaching and giving invitations during worship services, special services, visitation and other outreach efforts.
  • Volunteer Staff Care:
    • Provide for skill and spiritual development opportunities when deemed essential to ministry effectiveness.
    • Provide personal mentoring or counseling when needed.
    • Encourage staff members to be their best, do quality work, help one another succeed, offer praise when it is deserved, and that their opinion counts.

To seek more information, please call Pastor Robert Fendler at 530-510-4418

Job Requirements:

The ideal candidate for Senior Pastor:

  • Demonstrates a continual pursuit of knowledge, understanding and wisdom through formal educational and theological programs, as well as a commitment to personally being a lifelong learner.
  • Continues to demonstrate a commitment to learning through various media (books, CD’s, DVD’s, internet, conferences, etc.), about significant and current issues dealing with spiritual formation and challenges facing the church.


  • A minimum education would consist of a bachelor’s degree and/or seminary completion, with specialized training and experience in the field of ministry focus. 5+ years of ministry experience as an associate or senior Pastor may be considered.
Highly Desired:


The ideal candidate for Senior Pastor will:

  • Have a consistent record of leadership in a ministry team environment.
  • Have a minimum of five years’ experience in a consistent teaching/ preaching ministry.
  • This person must be an ordained minister with the general character guidelines of elder/deacon (1 Tim. 3) and should be a person of maturity in pastoral experience.
  • Have received and validated a clear conviction of God’s call to be a pastor.
  • Have an appropriate cultural fit - they will be sensitive to the uniqueness of the Northwest and rural America.

Personal Characteristics

  • This person must be in agreement with Rivers of Life's Statement of Faith and with the general philosophy of ministry.
  • This person should possess several of the spiritual gifts: leadership, administration, shepherding, teaching, exhortation, evangelism, encouragement, wisdom and discernment.
  • This person must be compassionate, caring, and discreet.

Personal Spiritual Development:

    • A consistent personal discipline in God’s word and prayer
    • A commitment to a group of men that he does not lead requiring personal accountability enabling transparency and authenticity
    • Respected within and outside the church for high integrity, morality and dependability
    • If married, a man who leads his family with grace into love, peace and acceptance


    • Experience at shaping and casting a vision to lead the church in a way that prepares people to engage in the ministry of the great commission in all areas of their life
    • Able to challenge young and old, families and singles to enter into a nurturing, grace-filled communion
    • Developing Biblical literacy in the congregation
    • Leading the church staff in a team oriented, servant leadership style that mentors staff to develop their God-given talents consistent with the overall ministry vision and mission
    • Able to function within and submit to an eldership structure of authority, accountability and decision making.
  • Preaching:
    • Has a preaching style that reflects the authority of Scripture (both Old and New Testaments) and addresses the need to help God’s people understand and actively respond to God’s Word in order to do God's will in this world and bring glory to His name.
    • Prepares God’s people to systematically spend time reading and studying God’s word on their own
    • Exhorts and equips the congregation to serve through communicating and demonstrating the gifts and ministry of the Holy Spirit
    • Addresses current cultural issues in a way that prepares the congregation to understand the Christian response that allows us to gracefully be “in the world, but not of the world.”
  • Discipleship:
    • Guiding and equipping the congregation (including children, youth, singles, new believers, and families) to fulfill their responsibility and privilege in the areas of:
      • Personal spiritual development
      • Community development within the church
      • Knowing the Scripture
      • Living out their calling in all aspects of life
      • Representing Christ in word and deed 24/7
  • Evangelization
    • Equipping, encouraging and empowering the congregation to leverage their relational influences so God can use them to effectively and naturally communicate their faith in Jesus Christ
    • Fostering a culture within the church that demonstrates Jesus’ love for the lost and actively seeks and enfolds new believers
    • Cross-cultural missions – understands and supports God’s love for all peoples both globally and locally and guides the church in its participation. Fosters our culture of gracefully serving both within the church and in the local and the broader community.
  • Outreach:
    • Promotes and encourages the development of high-impact volunteers to enable various callings within the congregation consistent with Rivers of Life's ministry vision and mission
    • When appropriate, willing to express Christian views and perspectives in public forms outside of your teaching/preaching ministry consistent with Rivers of Life's ministry vision and mission.
    • Is visible in the wider community
Reports To:
Elders and Apostolic Overseers