Media Director

Woodland, WA Arts & Entertainment Media & Journalism Religion Created Dec 19, 2019 10:45 pm
Job Type:
Hours Per Week:
Job Description:

- All social media feeds: includes the photography and the posting. This will entail working with photographers to capture quality content and organize and monitor social media feeds.

- Website content: keeping site current with content

- Video editing: taking video from Sunday mornings and assisting in the editing for social media.

- Video snippets: creating short videos from Sunday morning videos to post

- Graphics creation: create graphics necessary for various ministries

- Bulletin: assist in the creation of the weekly bulletin

- Video announcements: assist in the creation of the video announcements shooting and editing

- Weekend Slides: assist in the creation of the speaking slides for various series and messages

Job Requirements:

The Media Director will be a full time position and will need to attend every Sunday gathering as well as other weekly ministry events.

Highly Desired:

    ·Proficient in video and audio editing for posting of sermons and social media clips for advertising.

    ·Proficient in website design and updating

    ·Proficient in graphic design for marketing purposes and for Sunday Morning presentation

    ·Proficient in overseeing social media pages for Facebook and Instagram

Reports To:
Senior Leadership Team