Associate Pastor of Care & Connection

Yakima, WA Family Created Jan 12, 2020 10:10 pm
Dad's House Church
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Compensation: $1000/mo. (Approx. 10 hours/week)

We might be the most unique and fun team you've ever laid eyes on. Our calling and influence in our city is wild, and we are looking for someone who wants to run hard with us and have a blast doing it. With that said...

The Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care & Connection shall cooperate with the Lead Pastor in leading the people of Dad’s House church in experiencing everything the Father intended when Jesus said “Come follow Me.” This will take place through dynamic spiritual and organizational leadership in specific ministry focuses, as well as assisting the lead pastor in conveying and carrying out the overall vision and mission of Dad’s House.

The Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care & Connection is a part-time paid position at Dad’s House Church w/ the desire for full-time compensation as Dad’s House grows. The Associate Pastor is directly responsible to the Lead Pastor.

Review of Job Responsibilities

The Associate Pastor shall be directly responsible for the following tasks:

1. Lead and own the vision for Pastoral Care at Dad’s House

Discover, communicate and strategize for pastoral care at Dad’s House

Enlist, empower and cultivate a team of “pastors” - those whose hearts burn for 
 caring and providing for people

Connect people to SOZO ministry

Connect people to healing rooms ministry

Communicate with other staff to discover pastoral care needs

 2. Contribute to Dad’s House vision of an apostolic framework of ministry

A. Exemplify apostolic leadership that seeks to elevate and inspire through leadership, rather than through domination and control

B.Encourage, empower and resource apostolic leaders

C.Contribute to an apostolic team that celebrates and empowers diverse ministry gifts. Always connect those under their influence to the greater church body and leadership

3. Lead and own the vision for the Intercessory Prayer Team (IPT) at Dad’s House

Discover and communicate appropriate items of prayer for the IPT

Enlist, empower and cultivate intercessory prayer team leaders and members

Communicate with other staff to discover IPT needs

4. Other tasks as assigned by the Lead Pastor

The Associate Pastor shall be directly responsible and/or responsible for delegation of the following tasks:

1. Sunday morning transitions

Prayer following worship

Announcements / Offering / Testimonies, etc.

2. Assigned volunteer supervision

A.Provide oversight to the activities of assigned Dad’s House volunteers to ensure 
consistency with Dad’s House Mission, Vision, and Values.

B.Mentor and grow the ministry skills and gifts of assigned ministry staff and 

D.Create accountability for desired ministry outcomes.

E.Ensure adequate and timely planning.

3. Spiritual growth & discipleship within sphere of influence

A.Ensure opportunities for local body to be cared for and to grow

B.Identify people with gifts in pastoral care and encourage their use to provide biblical education

4. Assume all rights and responsibilities of a staff member at Dad’s House.

A staff member at Dad’s House is someone who chooses to use their giftedness and calling to expand the Kingdom of God, using Dad’s House as the primary launching point. As a staff member, the Associate Pastor of Connection & Care will adhere to the following guidelines for all staff members:

Expected to be present at all church wide events.

Attend Staff Meetings

Must be continually working on craft and keep up with reading (with or without 
 educational reimbursement)

Must be accountable to the Lead Pastor in the following matters: morality, 
 theology, social interactions and professional balance.

The Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care & Connection will perform various functions that are part of the ongoing life of the church including the following:

A.Serve on the Council of Elders

B.Speak occasionally on Sunday mornings

C. Pastoral care and visitation

D.Preside over weddings, funerals or other events as necessary (or delegate those responsibilities appropriately)

Job Requirements:

- Loyalty and team-player are critical to this role. Without a strong sense of loyalty, this will NOT work out

- Be able to work on a very unique team with very unique callings and gift sets

- Candidate needs to be highly pastoral in their gift set, with a desire to love and care for the people of Dad's House Church.

- Falling in love with a city that is going to be known around the world for amazing food and drink, and the presence of God!

Highly Desired:

- Understanding of the culture of Bethel Church in Redding, CA. We don't seek to replicate Bethel, but consider Bethel our spiritual family and stay closely connected with them

- History of pastoral care in previous work experience. We would prefer that the candidate have positive church experience, however, we understand that powerful pastors are found IN and OUT of the church organization.

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