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Planning for an Apostolic Age

God has hidden the keys to help you discover your organization’s future. The Apostolic Strategic Planning Video Conference Series will guide you in identifying those keys and developing a structure and plan to steer your organization toward its God-given purpose.

Using Paul Manwaring’s Apostolic Strategic Planning Toolkit, combined with LIVE video conferences, you and your team will walk a 13-week journey of discovering your mission, vision, culture, and structure. Your ministry or organization is about to be radically changed and fully directed toward its kingdom assignment.

  • What is Apostolic Strategic Planning?

    Have you ever struggled to define your organization’s mission, vision, or purpose? Do you desire to see growth and increase and are wondering where to begin?

    Apostolic Strategic Planning is a process that enables leaders and their teams to explore, communicate, and ultimately define the culture, structure, and purpose of their organization. The ASP strategy is to explore the elements that make your organization unique: past prophetic words, organizational history and DNA, cultures—both experienced and desired—as well as strengths, values, and beliefs. It is a journey that is guaranteed to result in a structure and plan for your organization’s future.

  • What is the Apostolic Strategic Planning Toolkit?

    Paul Manwaring developed the Apostolic Strategic Planning Toolkit as a byproduct of workshops that he began hosting at Bethel Church in 2003. Recognizing the difficulty of bringing entire teams to Bethel, Paul created the Toolkit to enable churches/organizations to walk their teams through developing a strategic plan from the comfort of home. The Toolkit includes over eight hours audio-visual teaching, team assignments, worksheets, charts, and detailed instructions for completing each assignment. The Toolkit is essential to successfully participating in this Video Conference Series.

  • How does the Video Conference Series work?

    For the first time ever, you and your team can complete the Toolkit AND have access to live video conferences that offer interactive feedback for each stage/assignment of the ASP Toolkit. You and your team will follow a 13-week plan, completing designated sections of the Toolkit prior to each of the five video conferences. The video conferences offer a live forum for you to ask questions and get practical feedback from Paul Manwaring to help guide your team’s strategic planning experience. Can’t watch the live video conference? No problem! While live participation is highly recommended, each of the video conferences will be archived and made available to watch at your convenience.

  • What other’s are saying about ASP

    The Apostolic Strategic Planning process has been invaluable to us.  We have gone from the frustration of merely surviving and “doing church,” into intentional direction and purpose.  Now we not only have a God-given mission, but words to explain it and a strategy to accomplish it.  This has truly been a very powerful and key step in our development.

    Mike Thornley, Senior Leader

    Stoney Creek Christian Fellowship

    When we came to the workshop, our focus was solely on our little snowboard/ski church community here in Mammoth. At the workshop, our eyes were opened to how to do “Church” better, as well as to a much greater destiny of planting Lighthouse Churches in ski resorts all over the world. This workshop encouraged us to “go for it” and gave us practical ways to step into our larger calling as a Global church movement. It’s hard to believe that we went from a small ski-area fellowship to a global relational network, with a growing church planting network in six nations. ASPW takes God’s intentions for us and gives practical ways to release them on the Earth.

    Dave Nelson, Senior Leader

    Lighthouse Movement

    Having served as a senior pastor for over 25 years, I have had the opportunity to participate in many evaluation and planning workshops. I have never attended one that was as helpful as the Apostolic Strategic Planning workshop. Paul Manwaring and his team have combined state-of-the-art management tools with cutting edge prophetic understanding, and forged a “supernatural” discovery process that helped our leadership team come into unity and clarity about what we are building and how we need to build it. It’s been three years since we participated in Paul’s workshop and we continue to reap the benefits in our team and in our church.

    Michael Brodeur, Founding Pastor

    Promise Land Fellowship

    Our team attended a Strategic Planning Workshop with a sense that the call on church was larger than we understood.  Through the process of learning about the significance of our past, what God had been saying to us, and what He was doing in our midst, it was like the lights went on, showing us true purpose.  We left the week renewed and stirred, for the hope and the joy we saw ahead.  Thanks, Paul and team, for re-kindling a dimmed vision and showing the path to more light.  One of the measurements that pleased us so much is that our church has tripled in size since those days, and moved into a facility that can sustain much more growth.

    David Dyke, Senior Leader

    Open Door City Church