Equipping leaders to create a revival culture.

LDP1 is a 12 month distance-learning course specifically designed for leaders who want to create a revival culture within their team, small group, church or organization. Through this program, Global Legacy immerses leaders in the core values and cultures that are essential to create and sustain revival. Challenge yourself, and those with you, to walk in a deeper experience of the presence of God, the prophetic, the supernatural, joy and more. LDP1 begins January of 2017.

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  • Your Whole Church

    This year we’ve made it easier than ever for your small group, leadership team or even your whole church to take LDP1 together! Our pricing section has more information on how you can register your group, team or church for LDP1.

  • Video Conferences

    Once each month, Bethel Church leaders will teach and minister to you on the current month's revival culture via a LIVE Video Conference (VC). These VCs are powerful and encouraging, and give you the opportunity to interact by asking questions, sharing your testimonies, and chatting with other LDP1 participants. If you are unable to attend a VC, simply play back an archived recording at your convenience.

  • Revival Cultures

    You cannot change the culture (shared knowledge, beliefs and behaviors) around you without first changing the culture within yourself. LDP1 will focus on twelve cultures (one each month) that we feel are essential for creating and sustaining revival within yourself and your organization. Our online classroom will be available to you 24 hours a day to help you fully understand and experience each monthly revival culture.


    For Marketplace Leaders:
    The LDP1 Marketplace Addendum helps to bridge the gap between the church and the professional world. While covering the same material as the LDP1 workbook, the Addendum uses language better suited for the marketplace, assisting in the application of these cultures within the professional realm.

  • Weekly Email Update

    Every week, LDP1 participants receive encouraging email updates that include notes from Bethel Sunday services, prophetic words, testimonies, and encouragement from Paul Manwaring, Steve Backlund and the LDP team.

  • Online Course Workbook

    Our program features an online, interactive workbook. This workbook will help lead you through the entire program. The workbook will inspire you, keep you on track with your assignments, help you assess your current grasp on the month’s revival culture, and prompt you and your organization to develop practical action plans for growth.

  • Revival Culture Assessment

    To what degree do you know, experience, and live out a culture of revival? This online, comprehensive assessment uses the five levels of learning and mastery to help you identify your strengths and opportunities for growth on your journey as a revivalist. Learn to create specific action steps towards cultivating a revival culture like never before.

  • Community

    The LDP1 online classroom and video conferences have been designed to promote relational connections and community. All LDP1 participants are invited to attend an LDP Brunch, LDP Retreat, and a couple of “Meet & Greet” events along with our BSSM students and Alumni in Redding, CA. (Some minimal registration fees may apply).

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  • Monthly Reading & Teaching

    Every month, LDP1 participants gain access to MP3 audio teachings that articulate and unfold the revival culture. We have also handpicked reading materials to further develop your grasp of each culture. All MP3s are included in the registration fee; however, the required reading materials must be purchased separately for use during the program.

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  • "This was more seminal and shaping than the four years of Bible College and any seminary or seminars classes I have taken. We saw more healings in this one year than in thirty years of ministry combined. By far, one of the greatest experiences I've ever known... It's a year that will change your life, your ministry and your outlook!" -Doug Burroughs, Greeley, CO
  • "LDP1 has been our roadmap for our first year as pastors. One of the many things it's done is give our church, which my grandfather established in the 70's, a cultural view of revival. We’ve figured out that it’s not an event, and LDP1 helps connect the dots of the bigger picture of God’s kingdom on earth and what that actually looks like. This has been invaluable to our community!" -Scott and Charissa Crowder, Newport News, VA
  • "I'm working fulltime in a middle management position and to participate in LDP1 has widened my view of HIS kingdom. I live with an anticipation of Gods move and enjoy to declare truth. Just a week ago our Pastor met with us to ask my wife and I if we would join the leadership. We asked why. Answer: You have such good news in what you share and how you live! Transformed with the help of LDP1!" -Werner Klotz, Abbotsford, BC, Canada
  • "We have all been doing our daily declarations, AND IT WORKS. TREMENDOUS DEFERENCE IN WHAT'S HAPPENING. Many are wondering what's going on and we have all been sharing what God is doing for us. As a result, people are starting to ask questions and come on Tuesday evenings to be a part." -Stephen Dockter Sr., Albany, GA
  • "Since starting the course, I've taken the principals I’ve learned to my faith-based substance abuse group I facilitate. Things are breaking loose there already. Several testified last Thursday that God had helped them with forgiveness the week before and all week long several had miraculous encounters with those they forgave. We also have healings right in group." -Sandy Nagy, Tucson, AZ
  • "The LDP1 material is having a huge impact on me. The video conferences on hope and presence have been some of the most significant impact times I’ve had in the last few years." -Stuart Gregg, Bradford, W Yorks, U.K.
  • "The LDP1 is an answer to prayer of many years standing... I often go to sleep with my headphones and iPhone listening to the messages, over and over." -Rebecca Horstkoetter, Anchorage, AK

Revival Culture Handbook OPTIONAL

The Revival Culture Handbook is specifically designed to help you introduce the 12 revival cultures of LDP1 to your community. Whether you use the handbook in a small group setting, make it available to your congregation, or simply keep it as a resource for yourself, our heart is that it serves to help activate those around you in the cultures of honor, risk and faith, and so much more!

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  • Three or more hours of your time per week
  • 80% fulfillment of all assignments in order to successfully complete LDP1

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